A quick realization about life

“So, you are interested in cars?”, I said as I wanted to know more about it.

“Mostly vintage cars, some with spec modifications. But, generally yes, I am into them”, he answered.

“What’s your favorite car?”

“It’s the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.“

“Will you be willing to own one, or at least drive once?”

“If given a chance, definitely!”

There seemed to something off. What if he doesn’t get his chance? What if it is just left as a dream? What does chance mean actually?

Through a spiral of thoughts and my extreme tendency to resolve this confusion, I understood a very important thing about life.

If we think about it, there are no chances bigger than or as elaborate as life itself. Life is our chance and we must do what we want in it. This thought alone set me so much explainations for as to why I would want something and instead of wasting time, try obtaining it.

Life is getting shorter by the minute folks, so might as well make this minute worthy and work towards your dreams. Go big or go home because it is the only chance you’ve got.