This is a list of ideas which I thought would be cool if implemented. Hit me up if you know someone who’s working on it!

  • When I am reading, epsecially fiction, I feel visual imagery can make a huge difference. I struggle to keep up with the plethora of new words that I witness, and look up their meaning from time to time. Instead, there can be a plugin that knows the context of the book, and provides descriptive imagery based on the selected text. The themes of the images will be generated by a diffusion model, and it should be able to clearly point out which part of the story it’s referring to.

  • India needs a digitized real-estate tech stack. Just like digitization of payments, digitization of property ownership can massively impact the economy. Automation for stamp duty/registration, lease agreements, builder agreements, maintenance notices, municipality announcements, compliances. An end-to-end real-estate portfolio solution for all owners. New age contract transparency, less disputes, fluid communication with and within the system are just the first order benefits.