Human lives are built around iterations

2023 is officially coming to an end. The first of next year will mark the beginning of a lot of resolutions. It’s mind boggling. There is something that every one of us has kept for the upcoming earth revolution to kick in.

I observed something interesting. Human lives are built around iterations. The most common of those are experienced with respect to time: Resolutions are made by the year. Business gets reported every quarter. Salary gets credited by the month. Moon wanes/waxes by the fortnight. Sleep happens by the night. The second’s hand strikes 12 by the minute.

We are constantly involved in cycles and we tend to make a lot of decisions based on them. The silent devil is that we tend to laze and not stick to iteration formats: I can cheat on my diet today, and start afresh tomorrow; This is the last time I am touching a cigarette; Let me indulge this month, I will start saving from the next; One more hour of sleep and I will be as active as they come. We slip into the state of ease.

But, all of that is fine and forgiven. Because we all are given one more iteration, where we can rise from our weaknesses and start again. Besides, who doesn’t love a new beginning?

Happy new year to everyone reading this!