Time to talk to yourself

The society we live in today consists of infinite moving parts. It becomes really hard for us to keep track of things, let alone not get crushed under the abundance of information. Some might say this is good, others bad. But, I am not here to talk about that. Since we are so constantly conditioned by the thoughts of others, influenced by popular media, and often swayed by experiences, it is not to blame ourselves if we have taken some bad decisions in the past. Hear me out.

There might have been situations in your life where you have regretted your choices in retrospective. It happens, and it is common. But, I’m not here to sweet talk you about that. Instead, I am here to give you a new perspective. So think in this manner : if, with the regrets that you have in mind, you are in a dejective state, it basically means that you have outgrown yourself. I would like to think that you have significantly expanded your knowledge base and have come to the conclusion that maybe your choices were not the best. As someone in the present times, it is easy to critique your past self. At the same time, you can still improve in the present to not make your future self curse you.

So, what is the impllication here? That you should do whatever you know is best today. The main difference between you today and yesterday and tomorrow is the knowledge and understanding that you have of the world. Factor that in and take your shot. Eventually, you will get where you want to be.

Think of all the choices that you made until now as a part of your psyche which have constructed your opinions and biases. In a goal oriented perspective, you won’t get anywhere until you work and get what you want. Until you have reached your goal. But, in an iterative, trial and error perspective, you are still on the path. You just need to try and see. And it is the in-betweens of attempts that you will find yourself appreciating yourself.

If there were one thing that I would have wanted myself to know 5 years ago, it would be that originality is an asset, and you should know what you are for sure. A key takeaway from this post is that you should talk to yourself often enough that you know what is going on in your head. Sometimes, it might seem stupid, but remember that you are slowly carving out your individual self and growing every moment. This way you are comprehending more, and learning more to make the best decisions possible. Cheers!