Welcome to my territory!

Hello, newcomers! Before anything, thank you for reading my blog. This is the front page of all the mental chaos that you are about to witness. But before you start to appreciate my monkey brain, which I know is very attractive, I want to answer a few questions.

Why writing?

I believe blogging is the best way to understand my mind, find patterns in thinking, and push the boundaries of what I can imagine. Despite, where can I have the freedom to rant/flex/complain/condemn/discuss without worrying about myself too much. You see where I’m going?

What am I going to tell you?

Anything and everything that is interesting. I hope to learn a lot through this journey, so I am willing to explore new ideas. Let’s see where this takes us.

I hope this will be a great hangout spot for all the internet nomads out there. Simply click here and enjoy!